Welcome to Host Department Control Panel System!

Below are our EXTENSIVE HELP to provide you with every answer you might need regarding your web hosting account. To use the most of your web hosting account, we recommend you to read through our online documentation and watch the flash tutorials movies.

Moving / Transferring from other Web Host (ZERO DOWNTIME!)
This section provides instructions on moving your website to us from your current web host with absolutely no downtime.

Search Our Online Documentation
This section provides documentation regarding each aspect of our web hosting operations, including our systems, platforms, and features. Here, you can conduct a thorough search through this documentation.

Online Flash Tutorials *popular*
This section provides a Flash animation containing step-by-step instructions on how to operate your web hosting account. Our Flash animations will teach you how to get the most out of our web hosting services.

Download Documentation
This section allows you to download zipped HTML or PDF formats of our entire online knowledge base for fast offline viewing. All documentation regarding our website hosting and operations is contained within.

Server Information
This section provides server configuration critical information including our CGI path, Perl, PHP and .NET configurations, custom components to keep your script-based website running flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This section allows you to read through our most frequently asked questions and their answers. Most general hosting issues are covered in these FAQ.

Submit Feedbacks
This section allows you to submit any feedback you may have. Your questions, testimonials, suggestions, and complains regarding our services are all welcome.

Network Status
This section provides network status updates in real-time. Our network engineers will post details regarding persistent issues as soon as such details become available.

Live Human Assistance
Should you require the assistance of a live human operator, please do not hesitate to utilize our 24/7 Live Chat feature. You can start a live chat session at ANY TIME by clicking on the Live Chat icon located at the top-right corner of all our web pages. Should you choose to submit a support ticket, please use our online ticket system located in your hosting control panel. Simply go to the Support menu and click on the Submit Support Ticket link. Our knowledgeable technical support staff will respond to your inquiry within 1 hour of your submission.